Repair and restoration
old tanks
Storage of liquids detrimental to the condition of containers and reservoirs. Water contributes to rusting over time, aggressive substances can make a new tank unusable in just a couple of years. Restoration work, as a rule, is connected with the cleaning of containers and painting - it is expensive and time consuming. How can old, rusty, holey-filled containers be brought back to life quickly and with minimal cost?
If the tightness of the walls, bottom, inlet / outlet holes is broken, then the simplest and most cost-effective method of repair will be lining the PVC membrane.

The FLEXSOL company makes repair of tanks by means of PVC material. Sealing the old container is achieved by making PVC liner under the stated size. The finished liner is lined on the bottom and walls of the tank, eliminating the possibility of liquid contact with the walls of the old tank. Also, the liner provides tightness, without mechanical repair.
When is it advisable to repair PVC tanks with a membrane?
1. If there is an old container of metal or concrete (open / closed)

2. If dug hole with formwork or concrete walls.

3. If you have a modular capacity of sheet metal, but the liner is not, or it is deformed.

4. If you want to change the storage fluid.

In any case, it is necessary to produce an insert for the order, for a specific size and capacity needs. Our specialists produced lining of containers of various sizes and configurations. There have always been specific features of the preparation of the liner associated with the specifics of the storage fluid or the method of loading / unloading the tank.

Repair of metal and reinforced concrete tanks using liner PVC.

FLEXSOL specialists go to the site for inspection and capacity measurements. If necessary work on the preparation of the tank, the elimination of old cranes, it is made by FLEXSOL employees or employees of the customer on the instructions. Repair of vertical tanks, especially if they are old and large, requires preparatory work. Discusses the functionality of the new container, the fastening of the liner, the need to use the substrate under the liner, and the like.


Preparation of the scheme and estimate of the project of reconstruction of the reservoir. An engineer of the FLEXSOL company, having received all the necessary information, draws up a drawing and a plan of works for sealing the container. The customer approves and signs the contract.


Preparatory work begins at the location in accordance with the rules for repairing tanks established by FLEXSOL. If the preparatory work is not significant, they can be done immediately before the liner lining the repair team of the company.


As a rule, large liners are manufactured in production and transported to the lining site in finished condition. But, if there are specific requirements, the liner blank is made and the final soldering work is performed directly inside the tank.


The main final stage of repair - lining and fixing the sheet inside the tank. After its completion, the tank is ready for operation.
Your benefits from PVC liner lining
Economically viable. The cost of the liner is much lower than buying new capacity and traditional repair.

You can store any liquid. PVC membrane is chemically resistant, material density
800-1400 g / m2, sealed and wear-resistant. Allows storage of various aggressive substances, including oil and fertilizers.

Works for many years. After repair, you actually get a new capacity, the service life of which will exceed 10 years.

Repair speed. The liner is able to return the capacity to operation in a matter of days. Quickly and with minimal cost.

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