Video instruction - flexible tank installation

Installation of the flexible tank must be carried out on the prepared surface. The important stage of base preparation should be made in advance, the convenience and safety of the further operation of the container depends on it. The surface of the site to accommodate the tank should be horizontal. Slope 1-2% in the direction of the location of the crane (drain hole).

  1. The foundation is 15cm thick gravel.
  2. The insulation layer is a protective mat or geotextile.
  3. The top layer is a sand pillow 5-10 cm.
  4. Antifiltration canopy. (Lined immediately before unfolding the tank

  1. Remove the tank from the packaging and place it in the center of the site using belts.
  2. Expand the tank in the longitudinal direction, then in the transverse direction.
  3. It is necessary to level the surface of the tank, smooth out folds and creases.
  4. In order to avoid damage during transportation, tanks are delivered without accessories installed on them. Installation is made on site.

Install the side hole (Crane) and the top hole (Knee).
For additional sealing it is recommended that the joints be treated with silicone. Then fasten the fittings to the flange connections.


  1. Connect all valves to each other.
  2. Connect the filling hose.
  3. Open the tap and start filling the tank.
  4. As you fill the tank will be higher. Never exceed the maximum permissible filling level of the tank.
  5. After reaching the required level of liquid - stop the filling process and close the valve.
  6. As required, you can disconnect the hose.